27 oktober 2011

Win 1 million euro on lottery

Become a Millionaire at Unibet. One lucky Unibet player will be flown to the Unibet Open event in Riga for a live draw that is held in the Royal Casino on Sunday 4th of December, where he/she will be presented with a choice of envelopes, one of which contains €1 Million. The winner is guaranteed at least €10,000 and will be in with a chance to increase this win to either €50,000 or €1 Million! Exclusive for Unibet players!

To get this life changing opportunity you need to:

1. Love playing casino slot tournaments (classic and video)
2. Be one of three winners selected each day between 1st and 23rd of November 2011

Win €1 Million

1st = Trip to The casino Million Live Final
2nd = €5000
3rd = €2000
4th = €1000
5th – 10th = €150 each
11th – 21st = €100 each

The envelopes will contain the following prizes:

3 x €1,000,000
7 x €50,000
25 x €10,000

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