27 januari 2012

free spins turnering 28 januari

These rules apply to all Casino Free spins Roll Tournaments and they are designed to protect the integrity of the games and to ensure that players are given the same amount of free play chances per each tournament. For every Casino Free Roll Tournament all players are limited to only one free play per tournament. To help enforce this rule there will be only one free play per household, only one free play per computer, and only one free play per IP address allowed. If a player violates any of these rules ALL ENTRIES for the player accounts in question will be voided. A security review will be completed upon completion of every Free Roll Tournament and at that time the entries in question will be voided if found in violation.

$1,000 February FreeRoll is going on NOW in the Casino! Just login to the RaginBet website, click on the Casino link, then the Tournaments tab and register for this FREE event! Every player gets one free spins round of play, then additional rounds can be purchased for only $2.00 each!

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